Finger Jointing

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Finger Joint make it possible to manufacture solid timber products of any desired length from short boards.

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Finger Jointing


Type Jointing:
Vertical Jointing, Horizontal Jointing
Thickness (mm)
12, 15, 18, 20
Width (mm)
1200 mm x 2400 mm


1. Application

Finger joints make it possible to manufacture glulam boards and solid timber products of any desired length from short boards or solid timber pieces. The finger joint creates a high-strength longitudinal bond between shorts to yield a high-quality semi-finished timber product that can either be used directly in construction or further processed into engineered wood products such as glued laminated timber, etc.


2. Manufacturing process



Capacity factory: 12,000 m3/year


2. Specification

- PVAcAdhesive:

            PVAcis a type of adhesive which is suitable for jointing hard wood such as ash, elm, etc., or soft wood such as rubber. It can be cured at normal temperature or by heating. As a neutral pH adhesive and free from toxic subtances such as Formaldehyde, Phenol, heavy metal, etc., it has no impacts on quality and properties of the wood. In addition, it is also moisture, heat and solvent resistant.


Specifications of the adhesiveDynocoll 1186 LV:



Milky-white fluid


Viscosity (270C)

17000 – 22500


pH level

3.5 – 5.5


Solid content

48 ± 1



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