Tiêu chuẩn

Our Finger Jointing line produces solid wood panels from Acacia wood. For some applications solid wood panels are preferred by consumers to products like MDF, be it for aesthetic or visual reasons or for mechanical properties. In principle the process is very similar, but different machines are being used. The main difference is, that we do not bring down the wood to individual wood fibers but to short solid wood pieces. The reason to produce solid wood panels is the same as for MDF, mainly to homogenize the properties of the product.

Vertical finger joint board has finger joint paths which can be seen on the board surface.

The production steps are as follows:
1. Sawmill (HewSaw)
2. Ripsaw
3. Stickering and stacking
4. Air drying
5. Kiln drying
6. Optimizing
7. Planing
8. Fingerjointing
9. Moulding
10. Pressing
11. Sanding
12. Cut to size