Letter for talents





Do you wish to work in friendly professional environment where you can easily share your opinion and receive the support from all people?

Do you desire to improve your profession and enjoy the challenge?

Do you wish to work in a company that has clear philosophy, to contribute to society, to protect the nature as other SUCCESSFUL people are doing?

Do you love our country and wish to contribute to your hometown?

Do you wish to have advice from everybody around you and have your voice heard?



If you want all of the above, please let May Forestry help you.

May Forestry has built young staff that have high respondbility and passion with their job. In here, we encourage all people share opinions and  ideas and learn from the others that aim to build the most comfortable enviroment for all member.

We gurantee that all your effort will be rewarded, on the other hand, we also support you to solve every incomplete issues. Everything is for your development.


Nature gives human the priceless value, therefore human has to preserve and harmonise life with nature. Consequently, The May Forest’s aspiration are:

Customers are happy.

Nature is heathy.

Economic is wealthy. 

Nation is lively.



Having gone step by step to become the Biggest Wood Manufacturing Plant in South East Asia, we welcome all talents who are interesting in Agriculture, Forestry, dare to face to challenges and desire to improve yourself or want to know more about May Forestry, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Let us help you to develop yourselves.







      Address: Bac A Bank Building, 14th Floor, No. 9 Dao Duy Anh, Dong Da Dist, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.

      Phone: + 84 - 04 35772712