Director Message






Madam Thai Huong 


Thank you for coming May Forestry JSC. 

Dear valued customers,

Having our groundbreaking in February 2013, Nghe An Wood Processing Plant was constructed with the aim of being the most modern technology-equipped wood plant in Southeast Asia.

With a raw material area of 45.000 hectares across Western Nghe An, Nghe An Wood Processing Plant creates a stable output for forest products of farmers, increases forest plantation efficiency, and promotes to expand the raw material area; contributing to the development of forestry economy both locally and nationally.

With a mission of leveraging on our advantage of excellent technology to ensure “green, clean and environment-friendly” for energy saving and sustainable forestry development, Nghe An Wood Processing Plant has two competitive advantages on technology:

- The perfect combination of Sawmill and MDF wood processing technology: Sawmill plant uses the most valuable parts of the timbers, the rest and other by-products such as branches and roots would be transferred to MDF plant. This combination would make the best use of the timbers.

 - Make the most use of green energy: renewable energy such as solar energy would be used. Besides, while for normal wood processing in Vietnam farmers would have to debark their timbers before selling to wood or paper mill plants, at Nghe An Wood Processing Plant barks, dust, and wastages would be collected, handled and packaged into energy plant to recycle energy for the manufacturing process. Environmental pollution, therefore, shall be best treated.

We are the first wood processing plant in Nghe An province as well as in the country to be able to save energy by using renewable energy from solar energy and ensure “green, clean and environment-friendly”. Our Plant is also a breakthrough in the local development of forestry economy and brings high economic efficiency, rate of return and contribution to the government budget.

Our products, which meet even the strictest standards thanks to our uniform materials, the most advanced technology and the best quality control, will certainly offer the highest customer satisfaction.